September 22, 2005

Audi A3’s audio system to integrate with iPod

Auburn Hills, Ontario – Audi of America announced that the 2006 Audi A3’s ten-speaker Concert and Symphony audio system will include a wiring harness that will integrate with an iPod digital music system.

The harness is compatible with a majority of A3, TT, A4, and Allroad models, and previous-generation A6 and A8 sound systems. These models can now connect directly to an iPod, iPod mini, and the newly-announced iPod nano media player.

With the new harness, up to five different play lists can be accessed and played from an iPod through the vehicle’s audio system. The harness is connected through the glove compartment, where the iPod can be stored out of sight. When the iPod is in use, it powers and charges through the adapter. The wiring harness will be available at Audi dealers by the end of the year.

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