Aston Martin One-77
Aston Martin One-77. Click image to enlarge

Toronto, Ontario – Aston Martin has premiered the One-77, its ultimate supercar, at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. The 750-horsepower sports car marks the culmination of the car’s tour in North America.

The One-77 will be displayed alongside the new Virage and V8 Vantage S, both of which were launched last year.

Formed around a full carbon fibre monocoque, the One-77 uses 3,500 carbon fibre elements in its structural elements, which were developed and produced in conjunction with Multimatic of Canada.

“Whilst our time with the One-77 in this region was limited, we were keen to show this very unique Aston Martin in Canada before it returns to the U.K., and the Canadian International Auto Show offered the perfect showcase,” said Julian Jenkins, vice-president, Aston Martin the Americas. We are therefore delighted, in conjunction with our dealer partner Aston Martin of Ontario, to offer enthusiasts the opportunity to see the One-77 for the first time in Canada.”

The car’s development program let from the initial conception in 2007 to commencing the first production in late 2010 of the 77 vehicles made. The one on display in Toronto is the final pre-production engineering development car, which was tested at Nardo in Italy and the Nürburgring in Germany.

The One-77 uses a 7.3-litre V12 engine producing 750 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.

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