Ogden, Quebec – The 2008 Art and the Automobile, a show and rally in Quebec in October, will this year highlight vehicles designed by Paul Deutschman, designer and architect of the Callaway Cars signature look. The event will feature past and present-day cars, ranging from an 1867 steam buggy that was Canada’s first automobile, to the new Callaway C15 Speedster designed by Deutschman.

Up to fifty unique vehicles will be displayed on the Davis-Kell Farm in Ogden, Quebec from Thursday, October 2 through to Sunday, October 5.

Deutschman began his design career in England, where he earned a mechanical engineering degree and won first prize in an auto design competition. He created the body design for numerous vehicles, including the three-wheeled T-Rex and the Dynasty IT electric car. His collaboration with Reeves Callaway, president of Callaway Cars, resulted in the company’s C16 line.

The event will begin on the evening of October 2 with a private unveiling of the Callaway C16 Speedster. On October 3 and 4, participants can enjoy the Automotive Rallye du Chemin des Cantons, or a two-day photo rally led by photographers Louise Abbott and Niels Jensen. The automobile and art show on October 5 will be held in a gallery in the Stagecoach Inn, adjacent to the main building on the farm. Deutschman and Callaway will be on hand to answer questions and discuss automotive styling and performance.

The general public is invited to attend the Sunday show; a portion of the $10 entry fee will be donated to a regional food bank and local historical societies. The rally is open to registered guests only. For information, visit Art and the Automobile.


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