May 18, 2007

Armoured car maker builds Mercedes that’s hard to catch


2007 Honda Fit
2007 Honda Fit. Click image to enlarge


Toronto, Ontario – A company that converts vehicles to “armoured cars” with steel plates and bullet-proof glass has given a power boost to its armoured Mercedes-Benz S600 models.

“We’re in the business of protecting our clients,” explained Chris Pecalevski, Director of Business Development at INKAS Armored.” “That means we have to be ready for anything.”

INKAS hired RENNtech, a tuner company run by Hartmut Feyhl, formerly technical director of AMG North America, to give its cars more power. “No matter how much armour you have,” explained Feyhl, “armour just buys you time to escape. You can’t just sit there waiting for the bad guys to run out of bullets – and a thousand pounds of armour doesn’t make it any easier to outrun the bad guys, either.”

With that in mind, RENNtech took INKAS’ armoured Mercedes-Benz S600 and boosted the horsepower for a quicker getaway. Under the hood, RENNtech’s ECU software, carbon-fibre airbox, and intercooler pump upgrades keep the engine temperature cool and the turbos on “boil”, building 640 hp and over 775 lb-ft of torque. RENNtech also beefed up the brakes, employing 15.2-inch two-piece front and 14-inch rear brakes.

To that, INKAS added level NIJ Level IV armouring capable of taking close-range Armor Piercing bullet fire, run-flat performance tires, and proprietary armoured panels and ballistic glass compounds all previously tested by authorized test labs.

For security reasons, performance figures haven’t been released.

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