Okay, that might be a small fib

Ariel has shown its newest car (well, if you can call it that) since introducing the Atom onto the world in 1996. This is no paved track-day tool either. Instead, it’s a no holds barred buggy meant to tear up the closest gravel trail.

The Ariel Nomad applies what the company has learned with the Atom to a more robust off-road capable speed machine. And, like its predecessor, the Nomad will be powered by a 2.4L K24 Honda-sourced four-cylinder engine with 235 bhp, good for the sprint to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds onto its top speed of over 200 km/h.

To say this is the Ariel for the Canadian outdoors might be a bit of a stretch, but you have to admit you’d love to have a go in it.


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