Women: your SUV isn’t helping you in the dating department either

According to a new survey in England, if you are single and male, your high-dollar ride isn’t winning you any favours with the opposite sex, Motors.co.uk has revealed.

48 percent of men surveyed believe owning an expensive car helps gets you points in the dating department. However, ladies have said they perceive owners of such rides being “arrogant, self-centered and dangerous.”

If you really want your peacock feathers to get attention, you should drive something more eco-minded, as women believe you are “conscientious, intelligent and amongst the safest on the road.”

Another option would be something more “run-of-the-mill”, with the website stating a Ford Mondeo as a great choice and ladies perceive you as being “hard working and safe on the road.”

Ladies, you aren’t off the hook either, as men make judgements based on what you drive, too. Women driving SUVs are looked upon as being “arrogant, rude and self-centred.”

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