Renders of multiple alternative body styles popping up

Rumours have been stating the FR-S Convertible is on, then off, and on again for quite some time. Then, thanks to a leak, we were told the next FR-S based car would be a hybrid sedan, not exactly an enthusiast-oriented configuration and body style.

However, over the last couple of weeks, a number of renders giving the FR-S wildly different body styles have been popping up all over the internet thanks to creative enthusiasts. It makes me wonder if the buying public is getting a bit bored with the Toyobaru coupe.

This example, rendered by Hungarian-based X-TOMI Design gives us an idea what an FR-S would look like in shooting brake or hatchback form, a la Volvo P1800. This body style could give the Japanese sports car some much needed utility for those wanting a fun ride but still wanting to haul stuff around. It’s not like the FR-S has the most generous trunk in the world.

Another image, found in the Jalopnik comments, but also found elsewhere with a “FR-S Spider Concept” title, has been floating around as well. Instead of making the FR-S into a true convertible, this render gives the boxer-powered sports car the Targa treatment.

After driving the BRZ in Texas for a week, I can say the car is an amazing amount of fun, even if it is a little too stiff for my own tastes. But, taking the top off and giving this little track-hungry gremlin some softer springs might just be a home run.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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