Ford on top as domestic trucks up; Imports and sedans down for April in Canada.

Overall, the Canadian automotive market is up 1.4% year-to-date versus last year. Spurring that growth was a strong April, up 8.9% over last year.

Ford continued on its track started last month of being lead pusher, selling 27,895 units from Ford and Lincoln brands combined. Chrysler took up second spot with 25,745 sales and General Motors was nipping at the Pentastar’s heels with 25,071 sales.

This leadership is due in part to strong sales in the pickup, SUV, and minivan segments which were up 5% combined.

However, passenger cars are taking a hit to the tune of a 2.9% drop and imports are feeling the brunt of it. Import brands were down 1.6% combined.

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