Montreal, Quebec – The Automobile Protection Association (APA) is asking Canadian drivers to file complaints for a potential class action lawsuit over inaccurate gasoline pumps.

The APA said that a study conducted between 1999 and 2007 and published by Measurement Canada revealed that, on average, 4.9 per cent of all gas pumps inspected exceeded the acceptable 0.5 per cent margin of error, pumping less fuel than the volume that appeared on the pump.

The errors on each transaction are small and result in a small loss for each individual buyer, the APA said, “but as a consequence of the large volume of fuel sold in Canada each year, the inaccurate calibrations represent a substantial amount from which consumers of fuel and car drivers have been deprived.”

The APA has taken necessary measures to act as a representative in a class action against Petro-Canada, Imperial Oil, Shell Canada, Ultramar and Irving Oil, whose pumps were identified in the report.

Anyone who has kept gas receipts from 1999 to 2007 are requested to fill out a form at APA. The association said that the records would help in presenting the evidence necessary for the class action to be authorized and eventually granted.

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