Montreal, Quebec – The Automobile Protection Association (APA) has released its 2011-2012 rating of winter tires. The listing rates over 50 tires; the association calls it “the most usable and comprehensive available in Canada.”

The APA surveyed tire experts and dealers for their ratings of winter tires, cross-checking the results against APA test results archived from previous winters for tires that had not changed. The tires listed include most of the highly rated models on the market. In a statement, the association said that, “The APA places a higher priority on performance on uncleared roads over handling on dry pavement, which accounts for differences between the APA’s recommendations and published reports from some other sources.”

The site rates passenger car, truck and SUV winter tires, and also includes information on measuring tread depth, speed rating, nitrogen fill, and understanding markings on tires, along with videos. The winter tire rating is free to use and can be found at APA.

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