September 30, 2005

Anti drinking and driving campaign uses crash-scene re-enactments

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is sponsoring a program on impaired driving called Stop Alcohol From Traumatizing Youth (SAFTY). The presentation is a combination of re-enactments of crash scenes including the extrication of victims, hospital scenes and emotional testimonials from victims and emergency personnel who have “been there”.

SAFTY is a collaborative effort by several partners from Emergency services including EMS, the RCMP and the Fire Department and other health officials in conjunction with SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving).

The presentations are geared specifically to young people and send a strong message to students by providing powerful, realistic examples of the consequences of drinking and driving.

The AMA is sponsoring the SAFTY program at the following Alberta High Schools:

  • October 3, 4 at Fort McMurray Composite High School – 9803 King Street.

  • October 11, 12 & 13 – Father Patrick Mercredi School – Thickwood Heights Arena – 110 Eymundson Blvd.
  • October 18 & 19 – Westwood Community High School – 221 Tundra Drive

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