August 2, 2002

Amerityre announces flat-free golf cart tire

Boulder City, Nevada – Amerityre Corporation announced that it is introducing a polyurethane flatfree golf cart tire. Amerityre’s CEO, Richard Steinke, said that “being able to make a flatfree golf cart tire utilizing our unique closed-cell technology is a major breakthrough that will allow us to manufacture larger diameter flatfree tires for many applications including the rear drive tires for riding lawn mowers.”

In the past, larger diameter pneumatic tires had to be filled with tire fill material to make them flatfree. Amerityre’s new flatfree golf cart tires will weigh less than half the weight of filled tires. Initially two flatfree versions will be available: a firmer, higher load bearing tire designed for industrial and farm use and a softer, turf friendly tire designed for the golf industry. An additional benefit of both versions is that the tires are non-marking, making them ideal for use on factory and convention floors.

Amertyre believes that there is a significant customer need for these tires and is currently making production molds for the golf cart tires. Mr. Steinke expects to have these new flatfree tires available for OEM and aftermarket sales this fall.

Amerityre makes flatfree bicycle, wheelbarrow, hand truck and smaller flatfree tires for use on the front decks of riding lawn mowers. Its flatfree tires were featured on several lawn and garden products displayed at the recently completed International Lawn, Garden and Power Equipment Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information on Amerityre, visit its website at

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