Yonkers, New York – An overwhelming majority of U.S. consumers believe that fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks should be improved, according to a new poll by Consumer Reports.

The study found that 93 per cent of respondents support increased fuel efficiency, while 77 per cent agree that car manufacturers should produce more fuel-efficient vehicles, and the government should increase and enforce standards.

Over half of respondents said they were considering hybrids or electric cars for their next vehicles, and if availability improves over the next 15 years, 72 per cent are likely to consider them. The cost of gasoline was cited as a driving force behind the growing support for alternative-fuel vehicles and increased efficiency standards.

“Eighty-nine per cent of consumers who are considering these hybrid and electric models cited lower fuel costs as one of their motivations for making the transition,” said David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center. “This survey demonstrates there is strong support in the consumer market for more efficient vehicles that help you keep your costs down at the gas pump.”

The poll also found that 81 per cent of consumers are willing to pay extra for a more fuel-efficient vehicle if it will lower their operating costs.

Among consumers who have at least one car, the price of gasoline is the number-one concern, followed closely by America’s reliance on foreign oil.

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