May 19, 2006

AMA reminds motorists to drive safe this long weekend

Edmonton, Alberta – The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is urging drivers to take caution this holiday weekend; more vehicle collisions occur over long weekends across the province than during any other time on the road.

“With more vehicles on the road, people taking less familiar routes, and more people driving longer hours, collisions definitely increase over long weekends,” says Scott Wilson of the AMA. “All collisions are preventable.”

AMA offers such tips as planning to allow adequate time to reach your destination; obeying warning signs in construction zones; not driving when tired or after drinking; and always wearing your seatbelt and ensuring that your passengers wear theirs. As well, following at least four seconds behind the car in front of you; adjusting your speed to road and weather conditions; avoiding distractions like eating, drinking or talking on a cell phone while driving; and staying out of blind spots when passing large trucks or RVs.

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