February 20, 2006

Alternative fuel vehicles to race around the world

San Marcos, Texas – Alternative fuel and hybrid automobiles will be among the competitors in an around-the-world rally race from New York City to Paris for a US$1 million purse in 2008. The event is organized by Rally Partners, Inc., which also presents the annual “Great Race” vintage car trek across North America. The around-the-world “Great Race 2008” will start on February 12, 2008, 100 years to the day after the “Greatest Auto Race” began in New York and travelled over much of the same route in 1908 to prove the viability of the early automobile.

The race will host 40 teams driving 20 new “green” vehicles and 20 vintage machines. The route will go from New York to San Francisco, where the cars will be shipped to Shanghai, China and driven to Paris. The race will stop in 53 cities and cover more than 22,530 km, some of it across the world’s most desolate landscapes. For more information, visit www.greatrace2008.com.

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