Toronto, Ontario – Nearly one-half of all Canadian drivers are eager to get behind the wheel, with those in Alberta and Atlantic Canada topping the list, according to a new survey commissioned by Canadian Black Book.

In Alberta, 18 per cent of those polled expected to replace their current vehicles with newer ones before 2011, followed by Atlantic Canadians at 16 per cent. At 13 per cent, Ontario matched the national average. The lowest expectations to buy this year were in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, at six per cent each. Overall, 43 per cent of Canadian drivers said they were forced to hold onto their current vehicle longer than they would have liked due to the recession.

At 36 per cent, Alberta drivers were the least likely to squeeze more kilometres out of their vehicles due to harder economic times, while 49 per cent of Atlantic Canada drivers and 48 per cent of Quebec drivers were the most inclined to keep their vehicles longer than normal. Ontario also held the national average here, at 13 per cent.

“Our results indicate an even more optimistic outlook for vehicle sales than the industry has been forecasting,” said Josh Bailey, director of analytics at Canadian Black Book.

Not surprisingly, the poll found that 90 per cent of Canadians are first looking for the best deal they can get when buying a car. However, purchase motivators differed between men and women.

“We were very surprised to learn that, coming out of the recession, men and women are looking at trading in and buying a vehicle from different viewpoints,” Bailey said. “Women told us that their increased confidence in the recovery and their ability to do extensive online research before purchasing a vehicle far outweighed their attraction to low interest rates and rebates. Men, on the other hand, say they are largely swayed by manufacturer rebates and lower bank financing.”

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