May 5, 2005

Alias joins forces with GM’s design centres

Toronto, Ontario – Alias Professional Services has announced that it has broadened its strategic relationship with General Motors, and will provide its design centres with such services as commercial software engineering and design collaboration tools.

This expanded role will be evident in all of GM’s design centres, including those in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific. The centres work on designs of all GM brands.

“We have used Alias StudioTools technology in our Design Centers for nearly two decades and have worked closely with Alias to develop and enhance the features and functionality critical to our design process,” said Terry Kline, Global Product Development Process Information Officer, GM Information Systems & Services (IS&S). “Alias has become a major contributor to the success of our design visualization and workflow efforts, enabling our teams in concept design and technical surfacing to work faster and more efficiently, with more emphasis on design than software applications. Their increased involvement represents a significant step forward in our partnership, and will be extremely important in keeping GM at the forefront of vehicle design.”

GM is aggressively leveraging the combined creative talents of its designers worldwide, in an effort to essentially build one virtual global design centre.

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