Fiat will get MX-5 bones while Alfa Spider will sit on Giorgio platform

The internet is aflutter today with news the next Alfa Romeo Spider won’t be underpinned by the same platform as the Mazda MX-5.

We’ve known for a while the deal between Mazda and Fiat wouldn’t spawn a drop-top Alfa Romeo. Sergio Marchionne has mandated all Alfa Romeos be built in Italy. The deal with Mazda was counter to Marchionne’s Alfa edict, stipulating the FCA-bound roadster be built in Japan.

Now it seems plans for the Alfa Romeo Spider and a Fiat drop-top are a bit more official.

The Alfa Romeo will be built on the same platform as the forthcoming midsize sedan, dubbed Giogrio, and will be manufactured in Italy.

On the Fiat side, brand chief for Alfa Romeo and Maserati, Harald Wester, stated to CAR Magazine, “The Far East import will probably find a new home with Fiat-Abarth.”


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