Calgary, Alberta – Albertans are disappointed with the way provincial and federal governments have dealt with criticism of the oil sands, according to a new opinion poll by Angus Reid.

In an online survey of 802 respondents, 50 per cent are dissatisfied with the way the Alberta government has acted to deal with recent criticism, while 49 per cent feel the same way about the federal government.

Only 25 per cent believe recent national media stories related to the oil sands were fair, with 48 per cent saying the stories were unfair.

Of those surveyed, 41 per cent think global warming is a fact, and is mostly caused by emissions from vehicles and industrial facilities; 19 per cent believe global warming is a fact and mostly caused by natural changes, while 31 per cent said global warming is an unproven theory.

Among Canadians overall, 56 per cent believe global warming is man-made, while only 17 per cent believe it is an unproven theory.

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