Toronto, Ontario – When it comes to winter driving, those in Alberta are most confident, drivers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the most prepared, and B.C. drivers pack snacks, according to a new study commissioned by Ford.

Nearly 80 per cent of Canadians say they are at least somewhat confident in their ability to drive in snowy or icy conditions, and more than 85 per cent take extra precautions by leaving extra space and decreasing their speed.

Other survey findings include:

– Drivers in the Prairies, and married couples overall, tend to be more confident, better prepared and more cautious drivers when compared to the rest of Canada. Albertans are the most confident, with 43 per cent responding that they are very confident when braving winter road conditions.

– Drivers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the most likely to pack essential and emergency tools such as an ice scraper, booster cables, shovel, first-aid kit, and extra shoes and clothing.

– Drivers in British Columbia are more likely than drivers in any other province to have extra food and snacks on hand in case of emergency.

– Among provinces where winter tires are not mandatory, Atlantic Canadians are most likely to install them, at 76 per cent. At 44 per cent, those in Ontario are the least likely.

– Married drivers are more cautious than single ones, with 90 per cent of married drivers decreasing their speed in snowy conditions, versus 78 per cent of single drivers; and 68 per cent installing winter tires, versus 51 per cent of single drivers.

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