July 26, 2005

Alberta Motor Association urges government to take action on traffic safety

Edmonton, Alberta – Death and injuries on Alberta roadways continue to be a problem and with the province having one of the highest casualty rates in the country it’s time for the government to move on the issue, says the Alberta Motor Association (AMA). “Albertans want the government to take action to stop the carnage on Alberta’s roads,” says Don Szarko, Advocacy and Community Services with the AMA.

The McDermid Report, Saving Lives on Alberta’s Roads, outlining nine recommendations to address traffic safety issues in Alberta was released last year. The government endorsed these recommendations, clearly identifying traffic safety as a priority and proceeded to develop a Provincial Traffic Safety Plan.

The AMA is calling on government to deliver on its stated commitment to “save lives on Alberta’s roads” by moving the plan forward.

The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is the largest membership organization in the province, representing over 720,000 members.

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