April 19, 2006

Alberta Motor Association offers Spring/Summer driving tips

Edmonton, Alberta – The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) advises that now is the time to assess the ravages a long cold winter has placed on our vehicles.

According to Randy Loyk, Automotive Services for the Alberta Motor Association, “We all know that keeping your vehicle running in top condition is important, from a safety standpoint as well as from a financial perspective. We also realize it can be a bit of a chore.”

The AMA has put together a series of seven simple steps and information to get your car in shape for the warmer weather ahead and help vacation motoring as safe as possible.


  1. Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out. It’s also a good idea to take that extra step and have your engine and engine compartment shampooed to wash away winter debris.

  2. Tuck away the cord: If your block heater cord isn’t properly stowed away you risk damaging it.
  3. Check your lights: Make sure your headlights, brake lights, parking lights and backup lights are all functioning properly.
  4. Check your tire pressure: Tire pressure should be checked monthly. Improperly inflated tires can affect not only the handling of your vehicle, but can impact your fuel efficiency as well.
  5. Check your wipers: If your blades are worn or damaged, have them replaced. Typically wiper blades only last six months.

  6. Lubricate hinges and weather stripping: A few drops of oil on the door hinges, trunk latch and hood latch should do the trick. To prevent your weather stripping from rotting, use a little silicone spray on a clean rag and wipe around doors, windows and the trunk.

  7. Check your fluids: Not just your oil, but your windshield washer fluid, brake fluid and coolant should be checked regularly and topped up when necessary.

For more spring car care tips visit: www.ama.ab.ca/carcare.

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