August 8, 2005

AJAC Car of the Year award influences buyers, Mazda reports

Richmond Hill, Ontario – A survey conducted by the Maritz Automotive Research Group, with the full co-operation of Mazda Canada, shows that the Automotive Journalists of Canada (AJAC) Car of the Year award is effective in promoting consumer awareness and influence when customers are purchasing a car.

The survey results of Mazda3 purchasers found that 54.8 per cent were aware upon purchase of a Mazda3 that it had been selected as Canadian Car of the Year by AJAC, while 58.4 per cent were aware of the award and said that it influenced their decision to purchase or lease a Mazda3. As well, 66.2 per cent of Mazda3 purchasers heard of the award by television, newspaper, magazine or other advertising, while 68.1 per cent read an article about Mazda3 winning the award, or noticed the award symbol.

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