October 31, 2002

Airbags web-site offers useful information

Warren, Michigan – If you’ve ever wondered how your vehicle’s air bags work and why they play such an important role in helping to protect you and your family, you can visit a new GM web site that answers your questions with informative videos and easy-to-understand language.

The site, www.gmairbags.com, is located within www.gmability.com, GM’s web site dedicated to corporate responsibility. The site uses graphics and animation to show how air bags work, including a real-time air bag deployment; traces the development of the air bag; shows how engineers use crash tests to design vehicle safety systems and answers customers’ most commonly asked questions.

Visitors to the site can click on selected questions and get a video answer from Bob Lange, GM Executive Director, Structure and Safety integration. Subject matter covers everything from how seat belts and air bags work together to help protect occupants in a moderate to severe crash, to keeping children safe in air bag-equipped vehicles.

“We realize many of our customers obtain their information from the internet, and we believe we can help educate them in a creative and interesting way,” said Lange. “I hope people will use this site and then refer to their owner’s manuals to learn even more about the safety features of their vehicle.”

“Showing air bag deployments in real-time helps to demystify them,” said Michael Wiley, Director, Emerging Technology and New Media for GM Communications. “It fits into GMability’s overall mission of bringing clarity and transparency to GM’s many activities in communities worldwide.”

GMability includes information about GM safety leadership programs such as the “Never Leave Your Child Alone” heat awareness campaign, the “SenseAble driving” program aimed at addressing driver distraction and profiles of GM’s many safety partner organizations.

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