April 28, 2006

AIADA Board of Directors votes to abolish connected PAC

Alexandria, Virginia – The Board of Directors of the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) has announced a unanimous decision to abolish AIADA PAC, a connected political action committee established by the dealer group in January 2006.

The controversial AIADA PAC was intended to contribute to political candidates who supported issues important to auto dealers.

“After much careful thought and in keeping in accordance with AIADA bylaws, our board has voted unanimously to abolish the AIADA connected PAC in order to move forward with the robust legislative agenda before us,” said AIADA Acting Executive Director Kelly Martin. “This was a difficult decision, but one our dealers felt appropriate as we look to renew our focus to working with our industry stakeholders on ways to best represent the interests of international nameplate auto dealers.”

AIADA’s Executive Committee made the recommendation to abolish PAC in March, following an initial report from a Blue Ribbon committee assigned to look into PAC’s establishment, feasibility, and how the decision would affect relationships with other industry stakeholders.

AIADA reports that it will continue its good work with the international nameplate community, and encourage dealer members to participate in the political process by supporting candidates who share similar goals and values.

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