Houston, Texas – Aftermarket auto parts hold up for safety and quality in crash-testing, according to a new video released by the Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA). The video showcases actual high- and low-speed crash tests, with conclusions based upon the tests as well as computer simulations and quasi-static crush tests designed by engineers experienced in automotive safety systems.

The video illustrates the simultaneous airbag deployment for two 2006 Toyota Corollas, one outfitted with an aftermarket bumper reinforcement bar, and the other with the car company’s equivalent. The ABPA said that “this evidence undercuts with facts the false assertion by some car companies that airbag timing is affected by using comparable aftermarket components.”

The high-speed crash data also shows both cars delivering occupant safety well within the federal safety standards, with the car outfitted with non-branded car company parts actually delivering slightly better occupant protection as measured across eleven key injury criteria, the association said. In low-speed crash tests in the video, an aftermarket bumper reinforcement bar outperforms an equivalent car-company branded part, effectively absorbing impact without deploying the airbags, and while sustaining less damage that results in a US$200 lower repair estimate.

“Time and again the aftermarket industry has demonstrated the safety and quality of its products, yet some car companies seem determined to counter scientific facts with fear-mongering,” said Eileen Sottile, co-chair of the ABPA legislation and regulation committee. “OEs cannot credibly argue that only their branded parts can provide safety, especially when it comes to components that play a very small role in crash energy management. If car company safety systems cannot handle a wide range of real-world crash conditions and material differences in minor replacement parts, then they are not robustly engineered and as such are a significant threat to the consumers.”

The video can be found at ABPA.

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