October 21, 2004

Acura upgrades performance of 2005 RSX

Toronto, Ontario – Acura’s dynamic sports coupe receives performance and styling
enhancements for 2005 and a modernized interior. There is also a new trim level:
Premium with a cloth interior. This new trim has all the amenities of the Premium
leather RSX with alloy wheels and a moonroof but features a new sporty cloth
interior trim.

The 2005 RSX is available in 4 versions in Canada: RSX, RSX Premium, RSX Premium
Leather and the high-performance RSX Type-S. For 2005, the high performance Type-S
model receives engine and exhaust system modifications that boost horsepower from
200 to 210 and torque from 142 lb.-ft to 143 lb-ft. Engine output was optimized by
applying high performance camshafts and enlarging the diameter of the intake duct by
5 percent. A larger diameter exhaust pipe and free-flowing catalytic converter
helped to boost horsepower by increasing exhaust flow by 10 percent.

The RSX, RSX Premium and RSX Premium Leather come with either a 5-speed manual
transmission or an optional 5-speed Sequential SportShift automatic transmission
that operates like a conventional automatic or, in SportShift mode, puts gear
selection in the hands of the driver.

For 2005, the suspensions on both RSX models were optimized through an assortment of
modifications designed to enhance handling while promoting an even smoother ride.
Suspension enhancements for 2005 include a revised geometry, reduced ride height,
retuned bushings, thicker stabilizer bars, firmer damper settings and inversely
wound front coil springs that neutralize unwanted steering input caused by spring
windup. On the Type-S model, the strength of the performance rod was also increased
to help maintain precise suspension geometry, while the front damper top bushing was
replaced by a bearing, for smoother steering response.

The interior of the RSX features a driver-oriented cockpit that has been updated for
2005. RSX’s seats have been redesigned with more supportive side bolsters and a
thicker lower cushion for increased comfort on long drives and support during
aggressive cornering. Titanium accents have been added to the integrated headrests
and to several key points around the cabin including the step garnish, the shifter
boot ring (models equipped with manual transmission) and the hand brake.

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