August 1, 2005

Acura RL tops Edmunds’s Inside Line Comparison test

Santa Monica, California – The Acura RL has been named the winner in a comparison test of five all-wheel-drive luxury sport sedans by online automotive resource

Edmunds’s Inside Line editors tested the 2005 Acura RL, Audi A6 3.2 quattro, 2006 BMW 530xi, 2006 Infiniti M35x and 2006 Lexus GS 300 to determine which car delivered the best combination of performance, luxury and value.

“It’s not the fastest or the flashiest, but the Acura RL still ran away with first place because we were looking for the all-wheel-drive sedan with the right balance between performance and luxury,” said Ed Hellwig, Inside Line Senior Editor. “What it lacks in distinctive styling it more than makes up for in solid overall performance, a well-designed, comfortable interior and a standard features list that leaves little to be desired.”

The Audi A6 snagged a distant second place; it earned top scores for its interior design, materials quality and overall build quality but didn’t fare as well in the performance testing or evaluation of features.

Noting styling touches such as chrome-ringed gauges and wood trim on the console, the editors observed that the cabin looks and feels like a luxury car should.

The Infiniti M35x barely edged out the BMW 530xi for third place. The editors felt that the M35x traded refinement for performance. They gave high marks to the V6 engine, which they said was “so good, there’s no need to upgrade to the V8.”

The editors felt the BMW drove better than any car in the test, but it lost points for its high price; they felt the Lexus GS 300, which placed fifth, was a better luxury than sports sedan, without “enough personality to stand out in this crowd.”

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