Top executive wants to develop Subaru levels of fandom around brand

When’s the last time you lusted after something in the Acura stable of vehicles?

This is something Acura’s top global executive, Koichi Fukuo, plans to address in the future as Honda’s luxury brand attempts to reinvent themselves yet again.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Acura enjoyed rabid levels of fandom for their brand and products as many in the tuner crowd looked to move from their Hondas up to luxury sports cars and sedans. But, since then, many potential customers have been going to other brands, and Fukuo wants to change that as quickly as possible.

One idea Acura is considering includes making all-wheel drive standard on all models offered. By moving to a full all-wheel drive lineup, Acura hopes to generate the same levels of loyalty as Subaru. Fukuo even called the group “Acurists” in relation to “Subarist” fans.

“Looking at Subaru, I felt that we have to have a strong, clear direction as a brand,” Fukuo told Automotive News.

“What’s important is to have the technology, styling and performance to evolve all together. Otherwise, I don’t think we can increase the number of loyal customers, so-called Acurists.”

Currently, only some base models in the Acura range are offered with front-wheel drive. Its SUVs come with all-wheel drive as standard in Canada and only the ILX is not offered with the feature.

While all-wheel drive is certainly in the cards, engines larger than six-cylinders and rear-wheel drive are not.

[Source: Automotive News]

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