Awards judged by 13 automotive journalists who are all technology specialists

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada announced the winners of the two Best New Technology awards this past Thursday in Montreal. The two categories focus on safety technology and overall technology in automotive advancement.

Best New Safety Technology was awarded to Acura for AcuraWatch Drive Assist Features.

“This award recognizes a technology whose primary purpose is to enhance road safety in any form,” said Jim Kerr, chair of the AJAC tech awards jury. “Of all the technical achievements developed by the industry each year, none are more important than those related to safety.”

Best New Innovation Technology was given to Ford for the 2015 F-150 All Aluminum Body.

“Innovation is the driving force that keeps the automotive industry moving forward,” continued Kerr. “This second award recognizes an innovative technology whose primary purpose is not specifically safety related. The technologies in this category might improve comfort, or performance, or fuel economy.”

2015 Ford F-150

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