June 30, 2004

Accord Hybrid to go on sale in Canada later this year

Toronto, Ontario – The 2005 Accord V6 Hybrid, a gas-electric hybrid version of Honda’s popular sedan, is scheduled to go on sale at Honda dealerships nationwide later this year. Utilizing a next-generation hybrid powertrain, the Accord V6 Hybrid will deliver power and performance greater than the current 240-horsepower Accord V6 with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder Civic sedan, said the company.

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid
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The Accord Hybrid’s V6 engine features a new Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology that deactivates three of the engine’s six cylinders during cruising and deceleration.

“Putting hybrid technology into the Accord is a further indication of Honda’s commitment to expanding our hybrid technology,” said Kalim Ansari, executive vice president of Honda Canada Inc. “The Accord hybrid is a no compromise, fully featured sedan with both increased performance and higher fuel economy. It puts hybrid technology into the Accord package, which has always been a favourite among Canadians -the best selling intermediate car last year.”

Honda says the Accord Hybrid will have class-leading performance and fuel efficiency and will produce in excess of 240 horsepower with near-peak torque available across the engine’s full operating range.

The Accord Hybrid’s exterior has a number of unique features including a unique front grille design, new taillight appearance and special hybrid badging, along with a rear trunk lid spoiler and exclusive alloy wheel design.

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