October 3, 2006

78 per cent of cars fail National Car Check events

Ottawa, Ontario – Results from the National Car Care Month car check events, held in May 2006, show a 78 per cent failure rate for such items as fluids, wiper blades, tire pressure and battery cables. The vehicles were inspected at locations across Canada by volunteers from local independent repair shops, in conjunction with the automotive aftermarket industry’s ongoing “Be Car Care Aware” public awareness campaign.

“This pilot project was launched in the spring to provide a free service to consumers and to also gauge the condition of vehicles on Canada’s roadways,” says Marc Brazeau, Executive Vice-President of Car Care Canada. “Obviously we need to educate the public about the need for regular vehicle maintenance, so people can start taking action to reduce vehicle neglect. A 78 per cent failure rate is too high.”

The best results were in New Brunswick, with a failure rate of 56 per cent, much lower than the national average. Car Care Canada concludes that the better results are due to that province’s annual automobile inspection regulation for all vehicle owners.

Among the failed vehicles, 20 per cent were for low, overfull or dirty motor oil; 18 per cent had improperly-inflated tires; 16 per cent failed for coolant levels, leaks or dirty fluid; 15 per cent failed the washer fluid inspection; 13 per cent had dirty air filters; 12 per cent had windshield wiper failures; 10 per cent needed maintenance on their battery cables, clamps or terminals; and 5 per cent had worn belts.

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