January 15, 2002

45 Canadians interested in changing their surname to “Dunlop-Tire”

Toronto, Ontario – 45 Canadians with the surname ‘Dunlop’ have officially indicated their interest in changing their name to ‘Dunlop-Tire’.

On December 11, 2001, Dunlop Tires offered Canadian residents with the last name “Dunlop” the chance to legally change their name to “Dunlop-Tire” in exchange for a share of $25,000 in prize money. Eligible “Dunlops” had until January 11, 2002 to express, in writing, their interest in participating in the challenge, and out of some 100 inquiries, 45 Canadians have taken the first step.

“Dunlop Tires may not be Canada’s largest tire brand yet, but now we can count on at least 45 people who will never forget our name – because it’s quite possible it’ll soon be their name too,” said Sam Fry, Product Manager (Canada), Dunlop Tires.

Having officially expressed their interest in participating in the Dunlop “Tired of Your Name” Challenge, the eligible “Dunlops” now have until March 11, 2002 to legally change their surnames to “Dunlop-Tire,” whereupon the $25,000 prize money will be equally divided among those who present proof of their new name.

While the Dunlop “Tired of Your Name” Challenge is only open to adult Canadians with the surname “Dunlop,” the company has received inquires from across North America and as far away as Hungary, as a result of widespread international publicity.

“We’re delighted by the tremendous response to our Challenge, and the debate and discussion it has sparked in classrooms, living rooms and news rooms across North America,” said Fry. “We’re looking forward to March 11, when we will introduce Canada’s first living, breathing Dunlop-Tires.”

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