February 2, 2007

407 ETR toll highway launches rewards program

Toronto, Ontario – 407 ETR, an electronic toll road in the Greater Toronto Area, has announced that it has launched a four-year, $40 million rewards program for customers who frequently use the highway.

The tiered rewards program provides customers with free 407 ETR km and instant savings on gas prices at Petro-Canada; the company says that its most frequent customers could see savings equaling 10 to 15 per cent of their monthly bill. Eligible customers are automatically enrolled and are notified by mail. The company says over 100,000 customers are eligible for savings, which include up to 140 free km on weekends, and 9 cents per litre on gasoline.

To be eligible, customers must have at least one light transponder, have no outstanding balance greater than 35 days on their account, and travel more than an average of 400 km per month during a qualifying six-month period. The 407 ETR highway has frequently come under scrutiny for rate increases, which critics say are in excess of the limit agreed upon when the highway was sold by the provincial government to a private consortium.

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