September 4, 2007

407 ETR toll highway creates scholarship fund at Ontario university

Toronto, Ontario – 407 ETR, which owns and manages the Highway 407 electronic toll road in the Greater Toronto Area, has announced the creation of a $125,000 York University scholarship fund.

“407 ETR is used by thousands of students, staff and faculty every day,” says Antonio de Santiago, President and CEO of 407 ETR. “Providing a scholarship that will benefit students and our community year after year is our way of saying thanks.”

The fund will generate $5,000 annually, starting this semester. That amount will be matched two to one by the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, providing a total of $15,000 to each year’s scholarship recipient.

Previously, the company had donated $125,000 to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and supports numerous charities, organized sports and disaster relief efforts.

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