February 13, 2002

30 percent of respondents judge their date by the type of car they drive, says Carpoint.com survey

Redmond, Washington – MSN Carpoint.com, a car-buying web-site, announced the findings of its February 2002 Valentine’s Day Fast Facts survey. The survey revealed that 30 percent of respondents judge their date by the type of car they drive. Twenty-five percent have borrowed someone else’s car to impress a date, and 86 percent have washed or prepared their vehicle in some way before picking up a date. In addition, the survey found that 62 percent of respondents have flirted while they were driving and that 31 percent of those flirtation resulted in a date. 26 percent of those surveyed have followed another car in hopes of securing a date.

The survey also showed that 77 percent of respondents open and close doors for their dates but only 25 percent expect this when they are a passenger.

The survey also investigated the excuses drivers have used to get their dates alone in the car. The most popular excuse, at 21 percent, was “getting lost,” followed by “engine trouble,” “running out of gas,” “flat tire” and “dead battery.” The survey found that 14 percent of respondents have received or made marriage proposals in an automobile.

Other findings from the survey:

  • Forty-eight percent of those surveyed were picked up in a sedan for their first date.

  • When asked to specify their ideal car on a date, 37 percent preferred a sports car, followed by a luxury car (27 percent) and a limousine (17 percent).
  • Twenty percent said that talking is their favourite car date activity.

The February, 2002 survey was derived from a sample of more than 1,100 Carpoint.com users.

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