June 18, 2003

225,000 people show up for Ford’s 100th Anniversary

Dearborn, Michigan – More than 225,000 people attended Ford Motor Company’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, June 12-16, held on the 152 acres surrounding the company’s world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

“Attendance at the event was far beyond our expectations, said Gary Nielsen, executive director, Centennial Operations, Ford Motor Company. “We anticipated about 100,000 guests over the five days and we are thrilled by the huge turnout. Including today’s visitors, our total numbers topped 225,000.”

According to helicopter photo estimates, approximately 41,000 guests attended the Saturday night concert, Beyonce Knowles, Friends and Family, and 55,000 stayed for Sunday night’s Toby Keith concert and fireworks display.

“On behalf of Ford Motor Company, please accept my personal thank you to our guests for sharing in our celebration,” said Nielsen. “And a special thanks to the 3,200 owners of classic vehicles who brought their Ford cars and trucks for display at their own expense. These products from throughout our 100-year history helped bring the company’s heritage to life and the display would not have been possible without them.”

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