While other outlets will gladly perpetuate rumours of a future Scirocco making it to the US, we’re here to set the record straight. Another model may actually make it here instead.

Volkswagen’s Scirocco is certainly forbidden fruit of the highest magnitude. The slung back, two-door GTI is a very handsome, affordable package. While other media outlets would like you to think there is a chance the Scirocco will make it to our shores (or at least to the US, but they would never sell the Scirocco just south of the border), it just plainly isn’t true.

“The Scirocco is a fantastic car, and just one of a number of Euro-only Volkswagens that we would love to see in Canada,” stated Thomas Tetzlaff, Manager of Media Relations for Volkswagen Canada.

“The fact of the matter is we are presently unable to bring these cars over due to the substantial costs of federalization.”

Federalization has been an issue not just for Volkswagen, but other companies as well. Ford has been pushing their One Ford plan now for a number of years, globalizing their entire product line, and they seem to get past this issue.

But, there is another hiccup Volkswagen must overcome, and it’s in their own showroom.

“As the Scirocco would likely compete almost directly with the 3 door GTI, our projected volumes are simply not great enough to rationalize bringing the vehicle over at a price that could make it attractive to the Canadian consumer.”

However, there is one glimmer of hope. If an agreement is struck between American, Canadian, and European governments to mutually recognize vehicle standards, the Scirocco’s path to North America would be less bumpy.

“The case could be made for importation of any number of smaller-volume vehicles,” explained Tetzlaff, “thereby giving the Canadian consumer more choice and a significantly more competitive market.”

Considering such an agreement is much further off than 2015, don’t place your bets on the Scirocco being imported under a modified regulations environment.

That doesn’t mean none of Europe’s forbidden fruit will be making it to North America.

If interest for a new model within Volkswagen (in Canada and the US) is any indication, our next VW badged vehicle will be an all-wheel drive Golf. Even a Golf Wagon has more of a chance of being sold domestically than the Scirocco.

Golf production is moving to Puebla, Mexico and with it the ability to make Golfs to local specification at cheaper costs versus European assembly. Interest in bringing an all-wheel drive Golf to market in North America, within the regional companies, far outpaces interest in importing the Scirocco.

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