Two days before the new Mustang was supposed to be revealed worldwide, Autoweek pops the lid with early mail deliveries

Yesterday afternoon, as early Autoweek deliveries started to hit mailboxes, a user on SVTPerformance posted photos of the new Mustang gracing the buffbook’s cover. He also made sure to capture and share all the gloriousness inside.

Tomorrow is set to be the official reveal of the 2015 Mustang in six cities worldwide, which Ford is billing as a global pony car.

The design of the new Mustang seems to still leverage a fair number of retro elements and combine them with a more modern front end and other design details.

On the mechanical front, a “2.3 Performance Pack” will be available, hinting at the inclusion of four-cylinder EcoBoost power under the hood (probably the same engine as the newly revealed Lincoln MKC), and a 5.0L V8 will continue to be offered. Independent rear suspension also makes its debut on a Mustang for the first time.

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