September 20, 2007

Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Honda, Suzuki and Ford vehicles, and some Baby Trend and Graco infant seats.

2006-2007 Acura CSX

2007 Acura CSX Type S

2006-2007 Honda Civic Coupe

2006-2007 Honda Civic Sedan

Vehicles affected: 93,706

On certain vehicles, an ABS wheel speed sensor O-ring seal may allow water to enter the rear wheel bearing and eventually cause damage, especially in areas that use road salt. In time, the bearing could loosen and overheat, which could cause a wheel to separate from the vehicle. Dealers will inspect and, if required, replace the ABS sensor O-ring seals and rear wheel bearings.

2004-2005 Suzuki Swift+

Vehicles affected: 5,420

On certain vehicles, the engine throttle may stick in the open position due to throttle body icing in temperatures near or below minus 20C. The vehicle may experience this problem even if one or both of the previous two campaign services have been performed (recalls 2005245 and 2006328). Dealers will replace the PCV and throttle body systems.

2007 Baby Trend Jogger System 9109CT

2007 Baby Trend Jogger System 9139CT

2006 Baby Trend Travel System 1638CT

Units affected: 5

These Baby Trend infant car seats have not been dynamically tested to the Canadian requirement and therefore do not bear the National Safety Mark (a circular label with a maple leaf in the centre) that indicates compliance. The performance of these units in a crash is unknown. It is recommended that owners contact Baby Zone, the seats’ importer, to exchange them for complying units or for in-store credit.

2008 Ford Explorer

2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Vehicles affected: 94

On certain vehicles, the bolt securing the transmission oil cooler line fittings at the transmission may not have been sufficiently torqued during vehicle assembly. As a result, the bolt may loosen and the cooler lines may disengage from the transmission. Dealers will tighten the bolt.

2007 Graco Comfort Sport Convertible

Units affected: 1,045

Certain child car seats may contain an incorrectly routed lower anchorage belt. This belt may be routed behind the lower portion of the harness, instead of in front of the harness. As a result, the seatback angle can exceed 70 degrees during a frontal vehicle crash, which could increase the risk of injury to the child. Elfe Juvenile Products will mail detailed instructions to owners to examine and, if necessary, reconfigure the lower anchorage belt routing.

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

Vehicles affected: 908

On certain vehicles, excessive amounts of silicon grease were applied to the telescoping mechanism of the steering column during vehicle assembly. As a result, oil can separate from the grease and may fall onto the brake light switch. This can cause the brake light to fail; it may not be possible to shift the transmission from the Park position; and/or the stop lamps may fail to illuminate. Dealers will replace the brake light switch and connector housing, and install a cover to prevent oil from damaging the switch.

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