November 4, 2003

2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP to go on sale in February

2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP

2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP
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Detroit, Michigan – The 2004 Bonneville GXP, a V8-powered performance version of the full-size front-wheel-drive Bonneville sedan, will be available in Pontiac dealers beginning in February 2004, announced General Motors.

“The Bonneville GXP will set a high standard for the other GXP models to follow, with a sensuous approach to styling and superior power and handling characteristics,” said Lynn Myers, Pontiac-GMC general manager.

Originally shown as a concept vehicle at the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, the Bonneville GXP concept car is similar to the production car. “One thing we heard loud and clear was ‘don’t change a thing,’ so we set out to keep the production car as close to the concept as possible, ” said Bob Kraut, marketing director for Bonneville, Grand Prix and GTO.

The powerplant is a 4.6 litre, 32-valve V8 engine, the first eight-cylinder in a Bonneville since 1986 and the first 32-valve engine in Pontiac’s history. The dual overhead-cam powerplant produces 275 horsepower and 300 lb.-ft. of torque. Zero to 60 mph takes approximately 6.8 seconds.

“This engine has been continually refined and enhanced to meet the expectations of Pontiac drivers,” said John Zinser, chief engineer for the 4.6-litre engine. “While we weren’t going to sacrifice power, we really focused on reducing noise, vibration, and harshness. For those on the team, it’s almost been an obsession.”

Power from the engine is routed through a Hydra-Matic 4T80-E four-speed automatic transmission. Specifically designed to link with the 4.6-litre engine, the transmission electronically monitors the way the driver is using both the throttle and brake, adapting shift points to provide the optimal balance of performance and fuel economy. The Bonneville GXP has a final drive ratio of 3.7:1, one of the most aggressive in its class. Traction control is standard.

The Bonneville GXP features a specially tuned exhaust system to provide less restriction while creating a distinctive Pontiac exhaust note. Four chrome exhaust tips in a dual-dual arrangement complete the package.

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