January 6, 2004

VW concept T: the dune buggy lives!

VW Concept T

VW Concept T
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Detroit, Michigan – The concept T, a crossover vehicle that resembles a modern dune
buggy, was unveiled by Volkswagen.

The off-road coupe is equipped with wing doors and is powered by a 241 horsepower V6
engine driving through a Tiptronic automatic transmission and Volkswagen’s 4MOTION
all-wheel drive system. The concept T accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and its
top speed is electronically limited to 230 km/h (144 mph).

The wing doors open simultaneously, swing outwards slightly and move upwards
steeply. The two halves of the roof at the front (T-bar roof) of the concept T can
be removed in only a few seconds. The rear roof module is constructed as a hardtop
with integrated trunk lid, but can be removed as well to reveal even more of the

The interior features ergonomic aluminum flex shell seats and a soft plastic
material with a satiny surface structure used for the fittings, door trim and seats.
This “outdoor trim” can be exchanged for a leather “downtown trim” using
quick-release fastenings. There is plenty of storage space under the station
wagon-like rear section either for the outwardly visible spare wheel and luggage,
only for luggage, or for a second row of seats plus luggage.

The information in the cockpit is projected onto a head-up display. Another new
feature is the the Personal Mobility Gateway (PMG), a wireless communication unit.
It resembles a palmtop computer (PDA). The driver and passenger can use the PMG to
control functions such as the air-conditioning. In addition, they can take the PMG
with them out of the concept T and use it as a PDA for controlling the telephone,
high-speed Internet and e-mail access as well as the MP3 player and the navigation

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