January 4, 2004

Supercharged Saturn Curve concept debuts

Detroit, Michigan – Saturn unveiled a 2+2 rear-wheel-drive sports coupe concept here today powered by a supercharged 230 horsepower 2.2 litre Ecotec four cylinder engine, the same engine to be used in the new Saturn Ion Red Line.

Saturn Curve concept

Saturn Curve concept

Saturn Curve concept

Saturn Curve concept
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The Curve uses GM’s new rear-drive Kappa platform, also used for the 2006 Pontiac Solstice and Chevy Nomad concept car. The Curve, however has fiberglass panels over a steel tube structure.

The aggressive styling of the Curve includes prominent fender bulges, 20 inch tires and alloy wheels, and roof pillars concealed by a wraparound canopy of glass – creating the look of a “floating” roof panel. A front-hinged, clamshell hood is complemented by a rear-hinged trunk lid.

The Curve’s supercharged 2.2-litre Ecotec four-cylinder engine produces 230 horsepower @ 6200 rpm and 220 lb-ft of torque at @ 4200 rpm. The engine features variable valve timing technology for improved torque, fuel economy and emissions. The transmission is a Getrag five-speed manual.

A curved wood centre console is the interior’s dominant feature and is attached to the dashboard via a tongue-and-groove joint. It also incorporates the instruments. Blonde wood, charcoal-coloured leather and terracotta inserts accent the dashboard and upholstery.

Like the front seats, the rear seats consist of a pair of buckets covered in charcoal leather with terracotta inserts. The front seats tilt to make it easier to enter the rear.

“Altogether, the Curve has a very sophisticated and relaxed feel,” said Shuichi Yamashita, lead exterior designer. “It’s still a fun-to-drive sports car, but the selection of colour, materials and lighting convey maturity and sophistication.”

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