January 5, 2004

Nissan Actic offers expandable interfaces

Nissan Actic Concept

Nissan Actic Concept
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Detroit, Michigan – The sleek, silver, bullet-shaped Nissan Actic concept car, with
its flowing body and matching trailer, makes a visionary statement about how vehicle
owners will approach technology in the future, say Nissan designers.

In place of traditional content-heavy vehicle control systems that become outdated
immediately, Actic’s handheld “key fob”-based Information Technology (IT) system
allows the user to “grow” the interface with infinite flexibility and updateability.

“Actic’s core idea was inspired and influenced by the pace and content of modern
life – and a generation of people who find time to pursue multiple passions with
zeal, commitment and style,” said Tom Semple, president, NDA. “It’s designed to
reflect the interests and aspirations of its users, adapting to their personalities
rather than imposing the vehicle’s on them.”

The Nissan Actic includes small, handheld technology devices ranging from key fobs
and PDAs to MP3 players and GPS systems, and the ability to project video displays
on a series of six roof-mounted flat LCD screens.

Other Actic features include dual sliding side doors, a “cross trainer”-style wheel
and tire design with tread-wrapped 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, and a matching
trailer with inflatable walls that converts to a comfortable sleeping space for

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