January 5, 2004

Hydrogen-powered Jeep Treo is “urban-active”

Jeep Treo Concept
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Detroit, Michigan – Previously shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Jeep Treo is a
vehicle that “will thrive in a city or campus environment yet one that will easily
take its owner to the trailhead”, said the company. The Jeep Treo concept car
features a hydrogen fuel cell powering all four wheels via dual electric motors.

Treo – a name meaning “three” in various languages – comes from the concept’s unique
2 + 1 seating configuration, which can be changed to accommodate a 2 + gear

Jeep Treo Concept
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The classic Jeep design elements – the seven slot grille, large “eye” headlamps and
the prominent windshield presence – are enhanced by a lower-front bumper with
rugged, oversized tow hooks, slightly exposed front suspension componentry and
bolt-on fenders. The Treo’s shape narrows front-to-back, and culminates in a tapered
tail, which is augmented by twin, high-mounted spar wings that serve a triple
functional role as running, brake and tail lamps, cooling air intakes and as the
exterior mounting points for twin Jeep Rubicon bikes.

An advanced drive-by-wire system allows for adaptability for either left- or
right-hand drive. The steering column, pedals and instrumentation are all contained
in one module – a single piece of sculpture that can be easily slid to either side
of the car – which mounts to a one-piece structural beam (a second module contains
the radio, GPS and HVAC controls in a touch screen that is removable). This unique
functional design feature, combined with the added visibility provided by the Jeep
see-through grille and its creative greenhouse design, contribute to the Treo’s
roomy, airy interior – allowing it to take full advantage of natural and ambient
light sources.

“Treo’s visionary vehicle packaging with its basic 2 + 1-seat configuration and
built-in versatility lends itself to future Jeep activity seekers – at an
entry-level price position. It is rugged and functional in genuine Jeep fashion, but
its adaptability quotient is taken to the next level and beyond,” said Trevor Creed,
Senior Vice President – Chrysler Group Design.

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