January 5, 2004

Ford Bronco concept has turbo-diesel engine

Ford Bronco Concept

Ford Bronco Concept

Ford Bronco Concept
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Detroit, Michigan – Another Ford vehicle that borrows styling from earlier models is
the Bronco concept truck – key design features reminiscent of the original Ford
Bronco of the 60’s include the boxy, upright roofline, short wheelbase, round
headlamps and the Bronco nameplate milled into the modern three-bar grille. A winch
and guide rollers are integrated into the lower fascia. Exterior details include
exposed door hinges, cowl vents and flared wheel wells. Unique loop-shaped door
handles are integrated into the door panels and open with a tug.

“True to its heritage, the Bronco concept is a tough, genuine SUV that’s all about
function,” said J Mays, Ford Motor Company group vice president of Design. “It’s
like a claw hammer in a box full of department store, battery-operated, plastic,
power tools.”

Within the Bronco concept’s rugged design is an advanced turbo-diesel powertrain.
“The Bronco concept showcases significant advanced powertrain technologies, mating a
2.0-litre intercooled turbo diesel with an efficient six-speed PowerShift
transmission and Intelligent four-wheel-drive system for a powerful, sure-footed
off-roader,” said Graham Hoare, director, Powertrain Advanced and Research
Engineering. “Then comes the fun part. We’ve added nitrous-oxide injection for a
burst of power at your fingertips.”

The Bronco features a tailgate that swings open to the side, allowing easy access to
the rear cargo area. The taillamps are rectangular and feature LED lights in a
cascaded array. The Bronco sits on LT 265/70R-18 inch Goodyear all-terrain tires
mounted on specially cut 18-inch, six-spoke aluminum wheels. A full-size spare tire
is mounted in the rear cargo area.

The roof is made up of two separate sections. The rear portion can be removed for an
open-air driving experience. In another link with the original Bronco, roll bar
accents can be attached once the rear portion of the roof is removed, giving the
look and feel of a Baja racer. Ford offered customized “Baja Broncos” in the early

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