January 6, 2004

2004 Accord V6 Hybrid announced

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Detroit, Michigan – Later this year, Honda will introduce a V6-powered gas-electric
hybrid Accord that will offer V6 performance and the fuel economy of a four-cylinder
Civic, according to the company.

The Accord Hybrid is the first V6 application of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist
technology and the first hybrid vehicle to employ Variable Cylinder Management
technology. Developed by Honda, VCM allows for the deactivation of three of the
engine’s six cylinders under certain conditions – such as highway cruising – to
deliver even greater fuel efficiency with no sacrifice in performance. VCM will also
be applied to another new model being introduced later this year.

In addition, the company announced it has developed its own fuel cell stack and will
introduce a version of its FCX fuel cell vehicle powered by the Honda FC Stack
beginning in calendar year 2005. The advanced new fuel cell stack delivers higher
performance with increased range and fuel efficiency and is designed to operate at
temperatures as low as -20

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