September 10, 2003

2003 Frankfurt Auto Show

Volkswagen shuttle vehicles run on synthetic fuel

Biofuel VW van
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Frankfurt, Germany – A total of 19 Volkswagen T5 Multivans will provide shuttle services in Frankfurt running on a new synthetic fuel produced from biomass. “SunFuel represents a major step in Volkswagen’s fuel strategy. It is completely free of sulphur and aromatic compounds and is CO2-neutral, as its combustion in the engine only releases the CO2 back into the atmosphere that the plant absorbed while it grew.” explained Dr Wolfgang Steiger, Head of Engine Research at Volkswagen.

Dr Steiger pointed out that many Euro 3 diesel vehicles, could, running on SunFuel, already fulfil the Euro 4 exhaust emissions standard without any further technical changes. This demonstrates this synthetic fuel’s enormous potential to reduce hydrocarbon (HC), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particle emissions and its considerable contribution to protecting the environment and the climate.

In the current Multivan test SunFuel is mixed with 20% conventional diesel fuel.

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