October 8, 2002

2003 Ford Super Duty pickup to offer 6 litre V8 turbo-diesel, 5-speed automatic

Dearborn, Michigan – Ford’s F-Series Super Duty over 8,500-pound pickup truck will offer an all-new optional diesel engine and automatic transmission with class-leading power for 2003.

The new 32-valve 6.0-litre Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine is more powerful and cleaner, achieving approximately eight percent better fuel economy, while satisfying more stringent emissions standards than the 7.3-litre Power Stroke diesel it replaces. The new 6.0-litre Power Stroke reduces the oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions by 20 percent. It also provides customers the power they want with improved noise and vibration refinement.

The diesel will be matched with the new five-speed TorqShift automatic transmission that sets a new benchmark in responsiveness and confidence. TorqShift features a newly designed five-speed gearbox and electronic control system to provide smoother shifts and higher low-gear ratios to help a loaded truck get off the mark smoothly. The transmission’s tow-haul mode helps improve shift control under demanding operating conditions.

“This vehicle is extremely versatile and was designed to meet customer needs,” said Bill Ickes, F-Series Super Duty assistant chief program engineer. “Whether our customers use their Super Duty trucks for business, pleasure or as a family carrier, they will be impressed by the new powertrain, package offerings and available configurations.”

The 32-valve 6.0-litre Power Stroke diesel engine and TorqShift transmission will be available on F-250 through F-550 pickups and chassis cabs. Combined they produce horsepower of 325 at 3,300 rpm and 560 foot-pounds of torque at 2,000 rpm – the best in the over 8,500-pound gross vehicle weight segment.

“This combination is very capable – loaded or unloaded, with or without a trailer,” says David Johnson, F-Series Super Duty vehicle engineering manager. “Our testing went beyond how much it pulls to how well it pulls a load. That’s where our engine and transmission work together to surpass the competition.”

The new engine, a direct injection, 32-valve diesel V-8 engine with all-new cast-iron block and cylinder heads, was first shown in concept form in January at the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit. It employs an Electronic Variable Response Turbocharger (EVRT) for boost over the full range of engine operation.

“This turbocharger provides a large frame size for better fuel economy, while providing electronically controlled turbine tuning for improved low end boost improvements,” said Charlie Freese, chief engineer diesel engines. “This allows the vehicle to achieve launch and performance feel improvements without sacrificing efficiency. Had we chosen a wastegated turbo, it would have wasted exhaust energy at higher loads, compromising performance and fuel economy. This would have been a tradeoff that we were not willing to accept for our customers.”

The 6.0-litre Power Stroke introduces a new hydraulic rail fuel injection system to achieve higher injection pressures for clean, efficient combustion, while a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system helps reduce NOx emissions. The engine also features a cartridge-style oil filter, positioned on top of the engine for easy maintenance. TorqShift transmission features include higher torque capability; a new electronic shift control system that monitors engine, transmission, vehicle speed and driver input to optimize shift performance; and a larger pump to help improve cooling and lubrication.

The powertrain system’s capability is coupled with Ford’s new tow-haul feature, in which a driver pushes a button to change the shift strategy of the transmission. While going uphill, tow-haul mode holds a gear longer before upshifting smoothly to maintain consistent travel without strain. On a downhill grade, a tap on the brake signals tow-haul, which downshifts as appropriate to slow the engine, giving the driver greater control and helping extend brake life.

The engine and transmission were developed together, rather than through a more common approach of adapting one to fit the other.

“The engine and transmission have been treated as an integrated system since day one,” says Gerard Kuchta, TorqShift manager. “Throughout our series of tests, we utilized the most current 6.0-litre Power Stroke engine and TorqShift transmission available to us. The combination of these two approaches ensured that the best powertrain system performance level was achieved.”

The 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel also is available with a six-speed manual transmission option. The new 2003 model offers a dual mass flywheel for F-250 and F-350 applications. “The dual mass flywheel reduces gear noise for added powertrain refinement,” says Freese.

In addition to the new 32-valve 6.0-litre Power Stroke diesel, Super Duty offers a choice of Triton gasoline engines, including the 6.8-litre Triton V-10. The standard 5.4-litre SOHC Triton V-8 offers 260 horsepower and 350 foot-pounds of torque and has a stiffer engine block for quieter performance in 2003.

F-Series Super Duty pickups and chassis cabs equipped with the new optional engine and transmission will begin production this fall at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky. They will begin arriving in dealer showrooms in early 2003.

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