January 3, 2003

2003 Ford Focus PZEV meets strict California emissions standards

focus pzev
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Los Angeles, California – The 2003 Ford Focus PZEV (partial zero emissions vehicle), introduced on Thursday at the 2003 Los Angeles Auto Show, meets California’s stringent partial zero emissions standard without sacrifices, says Ford.

“The new Focus PZEV is a technological breakthrough that delivers real-world environmental benefits without a single compromise for its owners,” says Dave Szczupak, Ford Motor Company vice president, Powertrain Operations. “This super-efficient engine meets California’s stringent partial zero emissions standard while delivering lively performance from a larger-displacement powertrain with enhanced torque.”

The Focus PZEV is powered by an all-new 2.3 litre four cylinder engine generating 148 horsepower and 152 foot-pounds of torque. This PZEV powertrain will become the standard engine powering all California, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts Focus models beginning later in the first quarter. A year later, the all-new 2.3 litre four cylinder engines will be introduced in all non-SVT Ford Focus models in North America.

Through careful design of the combustion chamber, coupled with sophisticated electronic controls, Ford engineers were able to meet California’s stringent emissions standards in a no-compromise vehicle. Specific emissions actions include close placement of the catalytic converters to the exhaust manifold to allow them to reach operating temperatures more quickly, and electrically controlled exhaust gas recirculation that recycles inert gas into the combustion chamber to reduce NOx emissions and improved fuel economy.

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